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Himalayan Salt Exporters

Superior Sourcing International is Himalayan Salt Exporter with a credibility of having finest quality salts. We have extensive products and global reach as per International quality standards


Superior Sourcing International is Manufacturer of Salt Products. We have wide range of products produced by our skilled team


We ensure that salt that we are processing is of ultimate quality that is required by our client. We have enacted quality standard procedures to have superlative results


At Superior Sourcing International we adopt a culture of being permanent source for our client. We ensure optimum level of services with commitment by understanding their supply requirement

Himalayan Edible Salt

Himalayan salt is extracted from mines, Found in abundance at Himalayan salt range of Pakistan, Second biggest salt range globally. Himalayan Salt is enriched with high quality minerals.

Himalayan salt is the most natural, purest and unprocessed form of salt which has numerous minerals. it contain high pH level to hydrate, energize and stabilize your body. While selecting edible salt you should be careful, as table salt might be proved harmful for your body however, Himalayan salt does not carry any environmental pollution and anti-caking agents.

Beautiful Salt Lamps

Natural Salt lamps are carved from big salt blocks and they are transformed into any beautiful and possible required structure however natural shaped lamps are also famous around the globe

Salt lamps are normally used for home decor with elegant look and fine finish. Moreover they are popular due to their process of ionization which cleanse the air by eliminating harmful elements from it and makes a comfortable and healthy environment. It also helps to cure asthma and allergies.

Bath Salts for Nutritious lifestyle

Bath Salts are used in Warm water to pull out impurities like pollution , Toxins , Oil Dirt from Skin. It also helps to improve blood circulation.

It Turns a dry skin into a soft and glowing skin with regular and current use. Many of Skin and Therapies are taken out using Himalayan Salt. It also helps relaxing during long baths and eases your Aches and Pains.

Our Products

Superior Sourcing International provides complete end to end solution meeting supply requirements.


Our Operations and Dispatches takes Place in Lahore.

Get in touch with our Marketing professionals to have complete information.

Extraction Points

Himalayan Pink Salt is extracted from Khewra Mines Pakistan.

Extraction Capacity is estimated 350,000 MT per year.